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Posted June 15, 2010

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege to share shiurim and lectures, both in print and via audio recordings with a wide group of participants. In order to make this material available in an easier format and potentially to a larger audience, I have a new web site that will highlight my printed material, my audio lectures and my shiurim. I am grateful to Ioana Apostol and Dov Friedman, who have created this aesthetically pleasing and very user-friendly website.

In addition to the lectures and shiurim, I have added a Blog feature in which I will be able to share my thoughts and ideas with a wider audience. I encourage you to sign up to receive this Blog entry which I will update on a regular basis and I look forward to hearing from you.

In one of my recent lecture series, I discussed the history of Jewish prayer and how it evolved following the destruction of the Temple. The Vilna Gaon asked the following question concerning the formulation of the paragraph that we recite at the conclusion of the Amidah. We say, “May it be Your will God….that the Temple be rebuilt speedily in our days and grant us a share in Your Torah.” The Vilna Goan commented that the prayer to rebuild the Temple concludes the Amidah because our prayers are substitutes for the Temple sacrifices. He questioned, however, why we include a request for a share in God’s Torah at the conclusion of the Amidah. The Vilna Gaon explained that in the Messianic era, there will no longer be any distinction between the holy and the secular. Everything will be infused with the sacredness of the Torah and its relevance to our lives. We pray, at the conclusion of the Amidah, to have a share in that special Torah which will be evident at the time of the Messiah when the Temple is rebuilt.

We have not yet reached the Messianic era, but I hope that sharing Torah through this new website will bring us one step closer to the realization of this dream.

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  • This site is going to be an amazing resource for everyone. We are so looking forward to seeing it develop with rich, intelligent content !

    Ioana Apostol
    4/30/2010   |   12:20 pm

  • Rabbi Mintz is a fabulous teacher and great speaker. I look forward to seeing this web site evolve and learning more from him.

    Marc Schwarzschild
    6/17/2010   |   7:16 pm

  • Kol Ha-kavod to you, Rabbi Mintz! I am looking forward to what I know will be a real resource for the modern orthodox community and beyond.

    Dov Kahane
    6/25/2010   |   1:26 pm

  • Wow. Mazel tov. This looks great.

    Harris Tilevitz
    6/25/2010   |   1:56 pm

  • Dear Rabbi Mintz,

    We sorely miss your live shiurim at KRA and are happy about the opportunity to learn from you remotely going forward!

    B’hatzlacha & best regards,
    Channa & Bernie

    Channa & Bernie
    6/25/2010   |   2:10 pm

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a wonderful resource and will be part of my daily start up

    I look forward to learning with you via this medium

    MAZEL TOV! and Thank you

    6/25/2010   |   3:39 pm

  • Do you really think we have any control over the arrival of the Messiah?

    Chazak Vaamat

    Jesse cogan
    6/25/2010   |   3:39 pm

  • Mazel tov!

    What a wonderful resource; it and you are a blessing for the larger Jewish community.

    Wishing you much success . . .

    Uri Gordon
    6/25/2010   |   3:56 pm

  • Thanks for making this website, it’s a pleasure to see.

    Richard Kestenbaum
    6/26/2010   |   8:52 am

  • I could not be more delighted! I am only concerned that the new site with further encourage my “Mintz Addiction,” currently keeping my Ipod busy. Be’hatzlacha!

    Jonathan Rosenblatt
    6/27/2010   |   8:11 am

  • Thank you very much for helping me approach God during this Pesach in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.

    Dr. Massimo Tabak
    6/27/2010   |   12:54 pm

  • Great idea, and looking forward to going on this more regularly then I got to your classes!

    nina wachsman
    6/27/2010   |   9:11 pm

  • Thank you for the gift of your learning now made available and easily accessible 24 hours a day.

    Shmuel Rosenblatt
    7/01/2010   |   12:03 am

  • Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and understanding

    Adina Gatt
    7/01/2010   |   12:19 am


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