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Codification Part II

Posted November 1, 2006

This class will analyze and compare the treatment of the Laws of Visiting the Sick as they are described in the Rambam, Tur and Shulchan Aruch. We will also discuss the reaction of the rabbinic community to the Shulchan Aruch and explain why there has not been a complete code written since that time. Finally, we will introduce the topic of Responsa Literature and define the difference between codes and case law.
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  • I love your lectures I have learned so much! It was so illuminating, the development of the oral tradition was so hard for me to understand before. Its a very mysterious topic, Im still trying to understand what it is! So, question: How do you understand the difference between the “one man with the keys” who was a prophetic voice for HaShem in the earlier period, compared to the “rabbis who developed halachic codes”. What I mean is, could it be that one is a more authentic authority than the other? If so or not, How do you separate the Rambams bias, as he is the one who sort of makes this distinction? Also is there a list of the key players from after the Gamara to Yoseph Cairo? You named many I wondered if there was a list I could study. ShKoach.

    12/13/2012   |   5:28 pm


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