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Should Jews Immigrate to America: The Attitude of Eastern European Rabbis

Posted February 21, 2013

Between 1881 and 1924 over two million Jews immigrated to America, mainly from Eastern Europe. This lecture will explore how the Eastern European rabbinate addressed this issue; did they approve or disapprove of this phenomenon? We will examine the wrings of Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, a rabbi who immigrated to New York in 1880 and wrote about his experinces in 1887. We will also look at the writings of the famed Chafetz Chaim on the subject. How did he react to the powers of modernity that led to the desire to immigrate to America?
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  • The chafetz chaim was probably referring to the Johnston Pennsylvania flood of 1899 where a dam burst caused the death of over 2000 people.

    bruce mosenkis
    2/26/2013   |   6:58 am


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