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The Closing of Volozhyn

Posted May 13, 2011

The Volozhyn yeshiva continued to prosper throughout the second half of the nineteenth century under the leadership of the Netziv. At the same time, the Jewish Enlightenment began to gain strength in Lithuania and the Netziv was pressured to formally introduce secular studies into the yeshiva. Although he personally had a laissez-faire attitude towards the study of secular studies by the students in Volozhyn, he opposed the introduction of these studies into the yeshiva curriculum. Eventually, the Netziv relented to teach secular studies in the evenings and he often had to force students to leave their learning to attend these classes. Finally, in February, 1892, the Russian authorities closed down the yeshiva, This lecture will also evaluate other factors that impacted the yeshiva in its final years.
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